Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Summer Beauty Must-Haves on KUTV’s Fresh Living

I think I can speak for all of us when I say, thank goodness it’s FINALLY Summer! With the temperatures rising…so do our moods. Sunshine is good for the soul! But before we head out to enjoy the much anticipated rays…here are some of my top picks to add to your Summer Beauty Rituals!

First up is my go-to solution for the perfect streak-less glowing tan: South Seas has multiple options when it comes to their fabulous formulations of self-tanners. Their “Hottest” item is by far is their Sea Foam Tanning Mousse. It’s super easy-to-use and when applied with their Bronzing Mitt, you get a streak-free finish that smells amazing! I have used my fair share of tanning products over the years, and have had some not so great looking tans, not to mention the obvious “I’m wearing a self-tanner” smell that seems to enter the room before I do! Thanks to South Seas, I no longer have those issues…and guys, the scent their formula’s have is seriously amazing. You’ll want to apply it everyday just so you can smell like you’re on a Beach Vacay in the islands! Their Sea Foam Mousse is a steal at just $24, and you can pick it up at

Next up is a no-brainer when it comes to Summer Beauty Must-Haves: Waterproof Eyeliner & Mascara! Maybelline has launched their new Falsies Lash Lift Hydrofuge Mascara and at only $8.99 at you should definitely add it to your Makeup Bag! This mascara has fibers in it that allow you to build up your lashes to insane lengths! Apply multiple layers and don’t let it dry between coats…you want to maintain a clump-free lifted lash look!

When it comes to eyeliner, I’m a sucker for anything in a pen. It seriously makes application so quick and easy and with the Maybelline Hyper Easy Liquid Eyeliner in Waterproof…you’ll have that gorgeous winged liner even after a dunk in the pool! At just $6.99 do you even need to think about it? Get it now at

The perfect duo for Summertime

This last item makes me giddy like a 13 year old! It’s the Limited Edition Chi x Barbie Collection! Yes, that’s right pink lovers…Barbie and Chi have come together to give us the trusted hair brand’s favorite styling tools…now in Barbie Dream Pink! EEK! Can you stand the cuteness? Not only did they release the Hot Flat Iron and Curling Iron in the iconic Barbie pink, but for a limited time your favorite CHI hair styling products come in the pink packaging as well! Now we can live like Barbie all summer long with great hair! Available at

Limited Edition Chi x Barbie Collection

Well there you have it, my friends! My Summer Beauty Must-Haves! I hope you enjoy these great products! Have a great Summer!



Beauty From Home – (During Self-Isolation)

The lipstick effect is a theory that even in times of economic crisis, women will spend money on lipstick or other beauty products.  Why?  Because it boosts our morale! So to help YOU look and feel your best from home, we have some great, inexpensive, Beauty Products you can have shipped to your door during this “isolation” period.  

First up!  Revlon’s NEW Total Color Hair Color.  This boxed hair color is a completely CLEAN & VEGAN formula, free of ammonia, phalates, silicones, mineral oil, and more.  Not only does it provide 100% Gray Coverage, but it smells amazing!  They have a wide-range of colors to choose from and can be found at all major retailers and online. It’s ONLY $6.98 at and a life-saver for those of us going gray!
Full Product Review & Tutorial Here!

Next up – It’s all about the NAILS!  While unable to get in to see my nail tech, I’ve found that I can easily maintain that “Freshly Manicured” look by applying Color Street’s Nail Polish Strips.  These are super easy-to-use and provide a beautiful finish to your nails.  They even have them for your Toenails!  Prices range from $11-$14 and can be purchased at

Lastly, let’s talk Skincare, particularly FACE Masks!  I am a HUGE fan of Face Masks.  In fact, most nights you’ll find me slathered in some crazy colored mask and scaring my children! haha  In all seriousness, though, face masks can provide an intensive facial treatment that will leave your skin brighter, smoother, and more hydrated.  Yes, please!  Some of my favorite masks can be found online at  They offer a wide variety and even carry lip masks and eye masks!  Any chance to add more hydration to my skin, I’m in!  Starting at only $6 YOU too, can enjoy a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home!

Stay safe, healthy & beautiful my friends!


Tips for Winter Haircare

Regularly use conditioner or serum
After every wash, a conditioner seals the hair, cares for it and makes it easier to comb. Use at least once a week. If you’re in a hurry, it’s best to use a leave- in spray or conditioner, it does not weigh fine hair, and adds shine and suppleness.

Avoid high temperature blow-drying
It goes without saying that the hot air can harm the hair unnecessarily. So it is worthwhile turning the hair dryer temperature down a notch – even if it takes a little longer to dry the hair. Hair dryers with ionic technology prevent static charge and make the hair shinier. For other styling devices such as curling iron or straightening iron: Use as sparingly as possible in winter and always spray on a good heat protector in advance. This way you can prevent the fizzy hair that hides underneath the winter knit hats.

Here comes the anti-frizz police
If you have curly hair or naturally frizzy hair, you know the problem: If it’s cold outside, the hair does not curl and does not want to be kept in shape. Anti-Frizz products smooth out and provide moisture – they also provide some heat protection. Pillow fight Rough cotton pillowcases can cause split ends on already damaged hair. In contrast, a soft pillowcase made of silk or satin helps. Another beauty secret? Silk pillowcases also help to smoothen the face wrinkles!

Do the scalp good inside
True beauty also comes from inside – and fortunately there are a few important nutrients that are good for stressed winter hair. Biotin e.g. (in bananas, tomatoes and fish) prevents split ends and hair loss. Vitamin A (in cheese, kale and eggs) strengthens the hair fiber and B vitamins (in whole grains and nuts) give shine and smoothness. Easier to use and dosage are distributed in special capsules for beautiful hair and healthy scalp.

Best-hairdressed: Love your Locks

Washing, cutting, and styling: of course, the option of the hairdresser is always there, but how can we get the results at home? Try these tips for best-hairdressed hair.

No question: the weather, no matter what the season, is topic number one. Moreover, you’re never really satisfied with what’s going on outside. Moist cold street air, wind, snow, rain and then much too warm heating air…this strains not only the mood, but also the hair. The result is stubborn tips, greasy roots or dandruff. One of the most unpopular effects of dry heating air, cold, or constant friction with cap & co, is the flying hair, which statically recharge with the removal of moisture and electrify an undesirable life of its own. Here, styling products such as gloss wax, hair oil or styling creams help to bring flyaways back into shape!

Split Ends? Not for me!
Split ends are the nightmare of every woman. But long manes aren’t the only ones who fall victim to them, because even chemical and mechanical stress pro-mote its development. Hair ends, which are particularly heavily strained, become dry and rough, fray easily and eventually split. With split-susceptible hair, you should generally rely on intensive care products that support the resilience of the hair, and moisturizes them. The care routine itself consists of three stages: shampoo, conditioner and intensive moisture treatments to regenerate the roughened cuticle layer and protect the hair from drying out.

Brittle and dull – no thanks!
Heat and friction cause the hair to look brittle and dull. Rich care treatments with oil extracts and hair oils smooth out affected areas and make the hair supple again. If the scalp does not produce enough moisture and fat, dandruff and itching may also develop, an unpleasant phenomenon best encountered with special dandruff shampoos. If you’re in a rush in the morning, a volumizing hairspray to refresh the crushed cap hairstyle, which is sprayed about 30com away and thus provides volume, the style fixed, against friction by warming headgear protects and ultimately provides the necessary shine. Dry shampoo achieves a similar effect and proves to be a savior in need of a greasy morning mane.

Type change compliant?
Because the environment is drab and gray, especially in winter, many women are enthusiastic about a color change. Daring the dye provides variety and can bring new self-confidence. Experts see softer metallic tones for the adventurous woman on the rise, but also warm chocolate brown and beautiful copper blends pro-vide color in the dark season.

Date Night Glamour…All Day!

Whether you and your crush met on a dating app or while jogging in the park, the first date night ought to be special! But sometimes, and especially if the date takes place on a week night, there’s no time to go back home after work, swap clothes and refresh your look. Follow these easy tricks to get ready for an unforgettable night and reveal your most glamorous side.

Prep, Makeup & Hair
To prepare for a glamorous date, make sure you start the night before. For instant soothing and hydrating results use paraben free face, lips and under-eyes masks. They effectively remove any signs of tiredness, puffiness and dryness and create a perfect canvas for the makeup look. This can be done whilst you’re having a soak in the bath, catching up on your favorite series or even cleaning up your home! Before going to bed, spray a few drops of serum with omega, vitamins and essential oils onto a cotton pad and gently apply on the face and neck. Hair masks are another great way to deep condition and give locks some extra shine so you can swish your hair back and forth with pride! It’s best to apply the mask from mid-length to the tips of your hair and leave on for a good 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Some masks are even specially designed to leave in after shampooing so you don’t have to watch the clock! Argan oil is another great way to get some extra shine and just adding a few drops to your hair before blow drying is an additional step that takes just 30 seconds but could get impress your crush the whole night long!

In terms of makeup, the key to date night glamour is to look effortless as if there was no prep at all! What’s the secret to the effortless makeup look? Keep 3 main beauty products in your purse. First one is a lipstick – for fall apply a darker burgundy or plum color. Additionally, don’t forget to line the lips with a lipliner because this will not only help you fill in the lips with the darker pigment but will also preserve the color during dinner when you eat and drink at the date.

The second most important beauty product essential is a good face powder. It can be translucent or pigmented depending on your skin tone. Powder is crucial because after all nobody wants to be oily on their date night! A good substitute for powder is the face blotting papers which help when you have excessively oily skin or if you’ve just had a busy day on the go, and they’re so light you won’t even notice the addition to your handbag!

Finally, another must-have for the date night glamour look is a an on-the-go setting or texture hair spray. Fall weather can be more humid and could sometimes unexpectedly rain, so it’s always a good idea to carry a product that will help you tame your hair and prep it for a night out with your crush. Apply a little amount of texture spray on the hair to create an effortless yet elegant look.

Spa Weekend at Home

Ah, the spa…in theory, it’s a completely relaxing and pampering experience. That is, until you book the appointment, get there, disrobe in front of strangers…you know the drill. Why not transfer your home into a scene of serene, and pamper yourself the way you know how! The good news is that you can bring a version of some luxury spa treatments to your home for a fraction of the cost.

Set the scene
Candles, reed diffusers and essential oils are all ways to make your bathroom look like a sanctuary for shooing away the stress! The right scent can really uplift your mood and make you feel like you’re away on a tropical island. If you’re up for some DIY, having control over mixing your ingredients for treatments means you can play around to see how your skin and hair reacts to various salts, oils, and herbs, which could lead to finding your “miracle” mix. Stay away from any essential oils that are too potent and stimulating (like lemongrass) unless you’re confident in your aromatic blending abilities.

Heat things up
Before jumping into the shower, stash your daily body lotion on top of a radiator or heating vent so it’s warmed up when you rub it on. I tell you, there is nothing better than getting out of a hot shower and rubbing on the heated, soothing lotion. Just be aware that your lotion will get much more liquidy when it’s warm, so it might rush out of its container faster.

Big up the Bath
Whether you’re at the spa or at home, bath time is a great opportunity to lift the aches and pains of your mind, skin, and joints. Bath bombs are a great way to fill your bath with nourishing and moisturizing butters, oils, and additional items. Customize them by adding a tablespoon of your preferred dried flowers and essential oils in overnight or condition with a heat cap if you are pressed for time. Coconut oil also provides shine, and some studies even claim that it helps penetrate the hair to make it stronger. Leave-in intensive masks and oils are another fantastic way to make sure that we get the care we need.

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