Date Night Glamour…All Day!

Whether you and your crush met on a dating app or while jogging in the park, the first date night ought to be special! But sometimes, and especially if the date takes place on a week night, there’s no time to go back home after work, swap clothes and refresh your look. Follow these easy tricks to get ready for an unforgettable night and reveal your most glamorous side.

Prep, Makeup & Hair
To prepare for a glamorous date, make sure you start the night before. For instant soothing and hydrating results use paraben free face, lips and under-eyes masks. They effectively remove any signs of tiredness, puffiness and dryness and create a perfect canvas for the makeup look. This can be done whilst you’re having a soak in the bath, catching up on your favorite series or even cleaning up your home! Before going to bed, spray a few drops of serum with omega, vitamins and essential oils onto a cotton pad and gently apply on the face and neck. Hair masks are another great way to deep condition and give locks some extra shine so you can swish your hair back and forth with pride! It’s best to apply the mask from mid-length to the tips of your hair and leave on for a good 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Some masks are even specially designed to leave in after shampooing so you don’t have to watch the clock! Argan oil is another great way to get some extra shine and just adding a few drops to your hair before blow drying is an additional step that takes just 30 seconds but could get impress your crush the whole night long!

In terms of makeup, the key to date night glamour is to look effortless as if there was no prep at all! What’s the secret to the effortless makeup look? Keep 3 main beauty products in your purse. First one is a lipstick – for fall apply a darker burgundy or plum color. Additionally, don’t forget to line the lips with a lipliner because this will not only help you fill in the lips with the darker pigment but will also preserve the color during dinner when you eat and drink at the date.

The second most important beauty product essential is a good face powder. It can be translucent or pigmented depending on your skin tone. Powder is crucial because after all nobody wants to be oily on their date night! A good substitute for powder is the face blotting papers which help when you have excessively oily skin or if you’ve just had a busy day on the go, and they’re so light you won’t even notice the addition to your handbag!

Finally, another must-have for the date night glamour look is a an on-the-go setting or texture hair spray. Fall weather can be more humid and could sometimes unexpectedly rain, so it’s always a good idea to carry a product that will help you tame your hair and prep it for a night out with your crush. Apply a little amount of texture spray on the hair to create an effortless yet elegant look.