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In addition to being a MOM first to her two young daughters, Missy Lovett has over 15 years experience working as one of the industry’s top Professional Makeup Artists. Her clientele is extensive. Missy’s work has been featured in print, online campaigns, and has been published Internationally.  Her work can be seen in Magazines across the globe including Vogue, Healthy Living, The Good Life,  Women’s Magazine and more. She has also been a featured Makeup Artist for ABC 4 and CW30, in addition to being a Beauty Reporter for many stations across the country.

While enjoying her successful Makeup career, she is now faced with her two daughters coming of age and becoming more and more interested in the beauty industry. As a mother first, Missy recognized the pitfalls and negative impacts the world of beauty has on young and impressionable girls.  From Makeup lines using names with sexual connotations, to marketing images that promote unhealthy lifestyles and eating disorders. To sexualizing young girls in their advertising campaigns, commercials, TV shows, and on the Internet. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Missy is on a mission to source out positive brands with healthy ingredients AND healthy marketing for women of all ages, especially young girls.  Kicking off 2020 with YouTube videos, Product Spotlights, Tutorials, Mommy Beauty Basics, and TV Appearances sharing her LOVE for Beauty & her LOVE for raising daughters with positive self-image.  Together, we can make a difference!

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