Best-hairdressed: Love your Locks

Washing, cutting, and styling: of course, the option of the hairdresser is always there, but how can we get the results at home? Try these tips for best-hairdressed hair.

No question: the weather, no matter what the season, is topic number one. Moreover, you’re never really satisfied with what’s going on outside. Moist cold street air, wind, snow, rain and then much too warm heating air…this strains not only the mood, but also the hair. The result is stubborn tips, greasy roots or dandruff. One of the most unpopular effects of dry heating air, cold, or constant friction with cap & co, is the flying hair, which statically recharge with the removal of moisture and electrify an undesirable life of its own. Here, styling products such as gloss wax, hair oil or styling creams help to bring flyaways back into shape!

Split Ends? Not for me!
Split ends are the nightmare of every woman. But long manes aren’t the only ones who fall victim to them, because even chemical and mechanical stress pro-mote its development. Hair ends, which are particularly heavily strained, become dry and rough, fray easily and eventually split. With split-susceptible hair, you should generally rely on intensive care products that support the resilience of the hair, and moisturizes them. The care routine itself consists of three stages: shampoo, conditioner and intensive moisture treatments to regenerate the roughened cuticle layer and protect the hair from drying out.

Brittle and dull – no thanks!
Heat and friction cause the hair to look brittle and dull. Rich care treatments with oil extracts and hair oils smooth out affected areas and make the hair supple again. If the scalp does not produce enough moisture and fat, dandruff and itching may also develop, an unpleasant phenomenon best encountered with special dandruff shampoos. If you’re in a rush in the morning, a volumizing hairspray to refresh the crushed cap hairstyle, which is sprayed about 30com away and thus provides volume, the style fixed, against friction by warming headgear protects and ultimately provides the necessary shine. Dry shampoo achieves a similar effect and proves to be a savior in need of a greasy morning mane.

Type change compliant?
Because the environment is drab and gray, especially in winter, many women are enthusiastic about a color change. Daring the dye provides variety and can bring new self-confidence. Experts see softer metallic tones for the adventurous woman on the rise, but also warm chocolate brown and beautiful copper blends pro-vide color in the dark season.