SOS Winter! Skincare Must Haves

Winter is approaching – the days are getting shorter, the nights longer and the thermometer starts showing negative. The weather is no more a friend, but a frenemy. It’s cozy at home with a blanket and a cup of tea, but once outside our skin screams! It’s time to keep a sweater or fleece blanket at hand – and switch up your cosmetic drawer with something more substantial.

SOS Winter! In the begging of winter, the skin needs different care solutions and formulations other than in summer, since the humidity in heated rooms is significantly lower. This leads to dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. But why? The so-called hydro-lipid layer of the skin, which acts as a natural protective shield, gets out of balance due to the lack of moisture. But also the temperature shift from brooding heat in the summer to chilling cold in the winter is a great challenge for our skin. The self-protecting functions of the skin decrease and it dries out, as the natural moisture in the skin evaporates faster. As soon as the temperature drops below 8 ° C, the organism restricts the skin’s own production of sebum. The circulation also subsides in many parts of the body, causing the pores to contract in order to retain the heat in the body. The result is dry, flaky skin as well as irritation and redness.

What products and ingredients to use then? Hyaluronic acid works best in different chain lengths so that it penetrates the skin at different depths and cushions superficial and deeper wrinkles and wrinkles. Oils, especially those containing argan extract, jojoba, almond or macadamia nut oil, are particularly suitable for the needs of dry, brittle and powerless skin. The vitamins contained in them deeply nourish, strengthen the lipid barrier and thus prevent moisture loss.

For sensitive skin, facial masks are a go-to! They complement your daily skincare routine and have a soothing effect. Use once or twice a week, same goes for a scrub. Since the skin tends to dry in winter, it cannot renew itself sufficiently compared to well-moisturized skin. Experts also recommend using the power of essential oils to give the skin extra nutrients.

Body oils are a fantastic pampering treatment when they are applied directly to moist skin after showering or bathing and are rubbed in gently. This stimulates the blood circulation and gives the skin an “intensive protection” against moisture loss.

Just as important as facial and body care is the care of the hands. They particularly suffer in the winter months, as they cannot produce their own skin fat. Similar to the body lotion, the hands should be spoiled with a richer cream. In the evening apply this thick and cover cotton gloves and wake up in the morning with soft hands.

What is often forgotten, is the intensive hair care in the cold season. From the summer months, the hair is often strained by the sunlight as well as by chlorine and salt water. Nurturing shampoo, a deep conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp should be applied regularly to ensure the great look of your hair.

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