Curling Those Lashes

Sometimes we’re so busy with our skincare routine that we forget to lay the right foundations for our makeup! Curling your lashes is one of the often-overlooked steps, which can make a huge difference to your eye makeup. With the classic contraptions used to curl your lashes it might seem a bit intimidating at first, but rest assured, here are some ways to make sure that your lashes get the TLC they need…

#1 – Remove all residue
Makeup residue can build up on the lashes and cause them to be heavy, so starting with makeup-free lashes will allow the curl to really stick. To keep everything clean, try some soothing cleansing wipes before beginning. Using a cotton pad with a product formulated for eyes can also help to get rid of any residue gently if you’re worried about makeup remover wipes.

#2 – The Lowdown on Eyelash Curlers
There are now many different types of eyelash curlers that exist on the market, so make sure to shop around for one that fits your eye shape. Then give yourself enough time and space to get used to them. You need to get the right angle and squeeze the curler for a full 30 seconds without being interfered for the best result.

#3 – Capture the Curl!

Capture your lashes at the base of the lash in the curler and squeeze for 30 seconds while gently tipping your wrist up. The 30 seconds allow the lash time to react to the curl and lock it in. his will begin the curl at the root, elongating your final lash look. If you have used your lash curler post–mascara application before, make sure to replace the rubber stopper.

#4 – Rounding off
Remove pressure gently and lift up to release the lash. This will ensure you don’t interfere with the volume. Finish by fluffing lashes with your finger. This will separate the lashes and add texture and volume. If you really want an eye-opening look, go back in with a half-curler to treat every short or usually inaccessible lash before you apply mascara.

#5 – Big up the Base!
Before you apply mascara, opt for a lash primer product to condition and coat lashes with some marvellous properties before you go for the mascara. This will give you some extra length and thickness to your lashes.

Follow these 5 essential tips for longer and fluffier looking lashes – you’ll be asking yourself why you ever let yourself go so long without doing it!