New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial

The most requested tutorial I get is on the “Smokey Eye”.  For most people it can be rather intimidating dipping into those grays and blacks.  Don’t worry!  It’s actually a pretty simple eye look to master.

As with any eye look, it is always important to remember your eye shape and apply shadows where it compliments them. For this particular look, we will be using dark tones to add intensity to the eyes. 

First you cover the mobile lid with a dark, cream shadow.  Cream shadows are great for adding dimension and they work really well as a primer, keeping shadow from creasing.  I like to top the cream shadow with a similar color, only darker.  Be sure to blend this color into the crease, and just above.

Next, you can add more dimension and shape to your eye look by adding a dark, black shadow to the outer corners of the eye.  I also like to run this color under the bottom third of my lash line.  It gives a nice finish and connects the top and bottom lashline.

I also like to add a pop of silver over the center of the lid.  I don’t have big round eyes, so this helps my flat lids look like they have a more rounded shape to them.

Next, highlighting the tearduct area can really add to this look.  Creating a brightness and wide-awake look.  Any shimmery Vanilla color will do the trick.  Just dot it on the inside corners of the eyes.

Eyeliner and lashes are a must with any “Bold” eye makeup look.  I love a winged liner and strip lashes. Be sure to add mascara BEFORE lashes, and AFTER.  This will give you a seamless lashline.

Lastly, when going bold on the eyes, it’s important to balance out the facial features and go light everywhere else.  This means a lighter lipstick in nudes or light pinks looks best.

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